The registered office of My Paper Vault is -

7 Bath Road

Old Town



The operating address of My Paper Vault is

Ferneberga House

Alexandra Road


GU14 6DQ

01252 759846

The Company Registration number for My Paper Vault is  10712198  dated 6th April 2017

The VAT Registration number for My Paper Vault is 276188760, dated 1st September 2017 


How to use MyPaperVault

First, you need to create a subscription. You do this by going to www.mypapervault.co.uk, select the Login function, and then Register. This will display the Register page. Complete the details as required. Please addyour executors function at this point – it is important that we have the contact details for your executors / delegated persons. Now you can complete the registration by paying your subscription fee, which is charged at £48-00 per year – inclusive of VAT.

 Once your subscription has been created, you can scan and load your documents yourself. OR post them to mypapervault (using the address in the About Us page). We do need to have the original paper copy of your will for distribution as required when your account is closed.

You can come online when ever you want to review your documents, you can download them, make amendments and scan back to us, and then re-send the “later version” original to us for storage.

Ultimate Security

Not only do you have the security of our storage provider's cloud, we also have a bespoke algorhythm encrypting your documents, so you can rest assured that only you can see your documents only.

Up to Date

By storing your documents online and physically with us as well, you will not have to worry about your family and beneficiaries struggling to find your latest will and related documents.


Ken Brennan


Our Office

Address: GU14 6DQ, Ferneberga House, Alexandra Road, Farnborough

Phone: 01252 759846

Email: admin@mypapervault.co.uk

CRN: 10712198

VAT: 276188760

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