12 Oct 2018

Welcome Newsletter

authorIcon By Kenneth Brennan

introduction to My Paper Vault and its aim.

Hello everybody,
Welcome to the first of hopefully many newsletters, first I’d like to start off by saying that the idea of My Paper Vault comes from the fact that our lives are constantly in motion, in the modern era relationships and circumstances are more dynamic and fluid.
My Paper Vault is here to turn the way we store and interact with our life documents into an online and interactive experience.I feel that they way we look after our personal life documents can be a slow and tedious process, taking up most of our precious Sunday mornings.I find that my situation can change from day to day and I worry that if something happened unexpectedly, my will might not reflect my wishes. I’m a worrier so I like to be organised, but what about people who have no will? What happens to their estate when they die? What happens if there is a will but its not signed or illegible? Will the state still honour your wishes? The next few months we will focus in our blogs along these topics, the short answer is for the most part it is that it can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. As the blogs are released, we will look at case studies and real world examples of why it is so important to make sure you have all your paperwork up to date and in order.
At My Paper Vault you can store all your documents physically and in a safe facility and have it available in an online version. Easily at hand and easy to use, My Paper Vault gives you the ability to alter your will at any point regardless of where you are, and the online security system gives you total peace of mind. The service also includes serving the will to your chosen executors in an event of. The automated device, whereby the will is released to a party chosen by you with your death certificate as the final key to the process.
MyPaperVault is a fully insured service that guarantees the physical well-being of your documents as well as total online security with a bespoke algorithm that is CREST certified and tested regularly. Ensuring your peace of mind knowing that your documents are safe and accounted for and that there is a plan for them.I look forward to guiding you over the next few blogs as to the power and ease of use My Paper Vault is and why it is so beneficial to us all. It is about time this aspect of our lives joined the internet of things and MyPaperVault is looking forward to protecting your information and dignity by keeping all your life documents safe and secure.
Have a happy Month
Ken Brennan and the My Paper Vault team
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