21 May 2019

May Newsletter 2019

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan

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21st May 2019

What makes My Paper Vault the best option?

My Paper Vault is in a robust and busy market and so it is really important to know what makes us stand out from the crowd and how My Paper Vault offers the best buy. To start let us look at what makes us stand out as value for money.

There are key differences from what we offer to what is on the market:

  1. My Paper Vault offers a free document update service. Need to update your will? No problem do it online, from your tablet or phone anytime and anywhere. All updates are free and apart of the service. We store all the documents without removing previous versions to create a timeline of your documents. This makes your documents more accessible at no extra cost to you. Changing your Will with My Paper Vault is to make the changes online, print it off for signing and send us your new legal Will. All of this is part of the service and no extra cost.
  2. Peace of mind. At My Paper Vault we know that in a normal household there tends to be a breadwinner and a home maker. Think however if your partner unexpectedly had to bear your burden. Would they cope? Why not fill in our family form of how to run the house and look after the kids or notes on who is the family doctor or where the family’s financial documents are kept. Receiving this information could be the gift your family needs from you at their worst moment.
  3. My Paper Vault offers a 5-minute goodbye video option. Leave something that will echo for eternity. You can upload a heartfelt message for your kids 18th just in case something unexpected should happen. Or go out with one last prank if that is who you are.  Upon death the video will be made available to whoever you allocate, and they can download a copy to hold on forever. To upload a video is as easy as facetiming on your phone and you can update it whenever you like, from your mobile device on the My Paper Vault app, both for android and Ios.


So there we have it for this month, three major reasons to consider My Paper Vault. We are unique in the market and offer benefits that other companies do not have. We are all about preserving your legacy in death and offering you peace of mind in life. Just 10 minutes of your life will ensure a legacy that spans generations.


Until next Month, keep safe and be blessed.

The My Paper Vault team.

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