05 Jun 2019

Are you Joe Blog?

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan
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We take care of the average Joe's of this world

Joe Blog’s is the average guy about town.

He understands that to be comfortable you need to go to school, get a job and hopefully create a life he can be proud of.  Along his journey there is marriage, kids, houses, successes and failures. In the world we live in, if we do not protect our estate then taxes and hassle with intestacy will add to your families troubles if anything happened to Joe.

Joe being the average guy follows the average routes of updating his will. He like everyone else finds it expensive and time consuming if not a touch morbid. He needs to call a solicitor, book and appointment, pay money, make sure his will is correct and store it in a safe place. Whenever his life story changes then he needs to go through the process all again.

Not to mention all the different options and avenues that if navigated incorrectly could be expensive in the long run. If someone says their service is free, then you are the product.

What Joe really needed was a one stop Will and life document shop. Something easy to use, to make his life more convenient. Joe found MyPaperVault online and really liked that he had access to his documents through the MyPaperVault App. A flat rate of £5 a month means that he can update his documents as often as he likes and keep them safe and stored with his executors aware of where the documents are and how to access them.

Now when he buys a house, he can add it and its relevance to his Will while he signs the property documents and while he is at it store the property documents with MyPaperVault all at no additional cost.

All MyPaperVault’s systems are cutting edge technology with a unique algorithm to protect your documents in the cloud. All hard copies are kept in a secure facility with exceptional safety protocols ensuring your documents longevity.

Once Joe has made a change online, the change is stored in front of the previous version as an added precaution. All of this safety and convenience will save Joe money in the long run, ensures his legacy, saving him time and money.

MyPaperVault is your one stop will shop, we delight ourselves in being ahead of the game with a product that will save you time, money and hassle. Earning yourself more time with your family ensuring your peace of mind.

Call us on 01252 759846 or email us at admin@mypapervault.co.uk to find out more. Alternatively find us online https://www.mypapervault.co.uk to get started on the process.

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