11 Dec 2018

Life ever after

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan

Will storage

Hey everyone,

No one wants to think of life after death, but it is possibly a good idea. We work hard all our adult lives, and our aims are to provide for our families and give them a better life than we had. If we have done It right our children become independent and choose their own paths, and in our twilight, we get to relax and truly enjoy life and its little wonders. 
Part of life is creating a legacy to leave behind. Some people leave behind a name or ideas. Some get to shape our history or how we think. While most of us get to leave behind a family that loves us and a few assets. The statistics show that 59% of UK residents do not have a will and run the risk of having themselves declared intestate. When they are intestate the laws governing the distribution of an estate may not be in line with the wishes of the deceased and the state will take a tax for the effort anyway. The burden of settling an intestate case are expensive in money and in time, especially in this new age of modern families where the boundaries of who gets what is not always clear. 
Of the people who do have a will, thirty percent have not updated it in the last 10 years.   In the case of a child falling intestate because their parents are both killed will at it’s worst leave a child in foster care until a legal case can be disputed for custody. 
No one wants to think about the time after they are gone. However we live in a world where it is absolutely essential to prevent the family you leave behind from suffering further. Intestacy is a time and money consuming exercise that could easily be avoided by taking the time to plan ahead.
Storing your will with My Paper Vault allows you to plan in advance and know that you are leaving a clear path for your family and your legacy. We offer a fully insured service that looks after your will and life documents and brings your documents to your hands. Having online versions of your documents available means you can know and change them anytime you like in a safe and easy to use environment. It’s the smart choice when it comes to keeping your documents in order.
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