11 Dec 2018

Storage for the legal sector.

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan

safe and secure legal sector storage

Outsource to MyPaperVault
Are you a solicitor or specialise in will writing? Do you store your documents yourself, and does it take up loads of space? Why not let My Paper Vault take care of your storage needs and earn a little bit of profit on the side.
At My paper Vault we specialise in Online and Physical storage of will and other life documents, our security systems are up to date and penetration tested regularly for your peace of mind. We aim to let people update their life documents as regularly as they like in order to keep on top of their life stories. The idea is to move a will out of storage and onto the world wide web, so executorseer and clients can know where they stand and where to access the information when they need to. Our systems are transparent to those authorised and completely hidden to those who are not.
Our intention is to allow will writing companies to have an outsourced storage facility that works for them. We have a rebate system in place for will writers whereby 
depending on the amount of business you send our way we have a sliding scale rebate system. So the idea is instead of storing your client’s documents in-house, rather 
outsource them and turn a profit as a consequence. My Paper Vault can be used as a value-added service to your clients as they can access the information online.
My Paper Vault is fully insured, and we guarantee safety in terms of document storage. Our bespoke algorithm is rigorously tested by CREST system security, and our 
storage facilities are secure and the documents themselves are stored in a water-proof jacket and kept under lock and key.
So for a new way of storing your company’s data and looking to the future of business, look no further than My Paper Vault. Your one-stop online and physical storage 
shop for peace of mind and a new way of thinking.
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The My Paper Vault team
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