28 Jan 2019

Safe and Secure

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan

Keeping safe in the new digital world

The time has come where people across all walks of life are moving as much of their lives as they can onto the internet. The phrase that everyone is talking about these days is the cloud, more importantly is it safe?

Online safety has come a long way in the last few years and while by definition no system is a hundred percent fool-proof, most security software jumbles up the information to such an extent that it takes huge computers hundreds and thousands of hours to decipher it.

My Paper Vault protects your online information in two ways, we use Amazon Web Services as our base layer of protection, and we have our own key protected algorithm that is tested regularly to make sure it is always safe.

Amazon Web services are so safe that they are the front runner to receive a $10 billion-dollar contract to move the Pentagon and state security online. Giving soldiers on the frontline up to the minute information and making communication through all levels of the chain of command easy and accessible. This information sharing is as ground breaking as it is safe. The JEDI contract as it has been named will need the utmost protection as the military information stored within its parameters will be highly sensitive. AWS are already trusted by the CIA to store information taking on a contract in 2013. (Wolfgang, https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/31/amazon-vies-pentagon-10-billion-cloud-data-contrac/)

The bespoke algorithm we use on top of Amazon Web Services scrambles the information and can only be unscrambled by keys that all our clients receive when they sign up with My Paper Vault. This is an impossible to crack system and the way the technology grows It should never be cracked.

My Paper Vault is a fully insured service on top of all that security which should give you total peace of mind that we can protect the information that you store with us. We are also a local company based out of Farnborough and as such offer a level of service you will not see with the larger corporations anymore.

 We store both online and physical information specialising in the legal sector with Wills being our primary focus. Our system is safe and efficient and allows you peace of mind knowing that your family is looked after when you pass on.

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The My Paper Vault team

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