22 Mar 2019

A call to will writer's

authorIcon By Matthew Brennan

Looking for will writer's that have storage issues

A call to all Will Writer’s



Do you have storage issues? Is your office struggling with space and does it effect your staff? The following case study of Byrne Memorial Library highlights a few key issues that on-site storage brings about. At My Paper Vault we have found a way to address these common issues and turn it into a value-added service.

The Byrne Memorial Library was built in the 1950’s and had a capacity for 100 000 volumes of literature. By 2002 the capacity was at 171 000 books and the overflow was affecting the staff and the books were becoming damaged because the library was unable to store them in the correct manner. “Books were piled on top of each other, held at the circulation desk waiting for room, and stored on windowsills and in stairwells. Books were so tightly jammed in the stacks that some were damaged when pulling them off the shelf”, as Mark Vagas describes in the case study.

Initially the library tried using the space available better, they replaced old prints with newer reprints, but this just replaced one book with another. The library could not just remove books because they could not decide on what should stay or go and there was pressure from the student body not to destroy any of the volumes.

The library employed a new director who steered towards out off-site storage. The files were catalogued and barcoded to find them if needed and the volumes were packaged up for safe keeping and stored well above the standards set about by the university. The storage came with internet access so the library could access and catalogue any file they required at any time. The cost was primarily covered by making the process of storing information on microfilm redundant.

This process of rethinking the way the library stored their files saved them money, reduced the damage to the files themselves, and improved morale in the workplace.

My Paper Vault is a way of storing your Wills and related documents to free up your office space and make the stored files more accessible. Our online storage lets you access all your scanned documents and all versions thereof. We offer a rebate system for will writing firms scaled on the amount of business that takes place and so much more.

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