What do we do

At MyPaperVault, we provide a safe and secure service to you to allow you to store documents that you want to be made available to your executors, loved ones and contacts when you pass away.

How to use the MyPaperVault service

Thank you for choosing MyPaperVault.

In order to use the service we provide,  you will need to create a subscription. You can do this by using the Registration option in the Login page. You can select either the writing of a will as a one off service, or the storage of your documents as a one off service, or you can select write a will and storage.

Once you have created a subscription, you will need to scan your documents onto MyPaperVault. If you do not have the ability to scan your documents, you can send them to us at our operating address, for us to scan the documents on your behalf.  You will also need to complete the details of your executor(s) and contacts, so that we can inform them and let them know that we have your documents on file.

At any time, you can view your documents, save them onto your local device, amend and re-scan your documents. You can have up to 99 versions of your documents on MyPaperVault.

It is important that you send the original documents to MyPaper Vault. This will allow us to hand the documents to whoever eventually closes your subscription.

Documents backed up and stored

You have access to your documents at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our documents are physically stored in a dust, fire and waterproof facility, in waterproof envelopes. The online copies are available on our servers as well as are backed up and covered by an industry leading disaster recovery process, so you can rest assured that your documents are safe, secure, and available to you. Our insurance covers all the costs of replacing your documents in the event of a disaster.

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