Does My Paper Vault only store wills?

At My Paper Vault we store all the life documents you need.

How do I write a will?

There are many ways to write a will, from creating one yourself from an online template or going through a lawyer and having it done professionally. At My Paper Vault we store you will and life documents and keep them safe both physically and online to be released to the people you choose when you die.

I already have a will drawn up by a lawyer, can I still use My Paper Vault?

Absolutely, we don’t write up wills just store them and your other life documents. Our function is to make sure the right people receive the right documentation when you die, leaving you to enjoy your life right now.

Do I need to keep posting you my life documents as they come in?

Lawfully we only need to keep your physical will, everything else can be done online. Our system is designed to make it as effortless as possible and make sure you can relax knowing everything is taken care off.

What If I have lost my will?

With My Paper Vault everything is automated and transparent for our clients, once we have your will you won’t have to worry again. Once you have written up a new will we will store it for complete peace of mind, with our unique safety and security features.

Why must I allocate a guardian for my children in my will?

It is complex, but your partner will keep guardianship of your child should you die. If both partners die, the state puts the child into foster care until a guardian is assigned by the state even if there are relatives your children can go too. Also, the state’s first choice might not be your first choice, so it is best to be sure.

Why must I have a will?

A will allows for your estate to be distributed after death as per your wishes. If you do not have a will or it is incorrect you pass on into intestate, whereby the crown decides who gets your estate and takes a tax on top of it for the hassle. The laws of intestacy are complicated, and it is best just to have a will.

Why would I choose My Paper Vault?

My paper vault ensures your loved ones and solicitors receive your life documents when you die. The process is pre-arranged with us and only those you choose will receive the documents. This ensure wills aren’t lost or out of date and you have peace of mind that your final wishes are granted.

What is My Paper Vault?

My Paper Vault is an online storage facility as well as physical for life documents such as will and probates, that allows clients access to update while they are alive and makes available to a select group of people when you die.