I wanted a company that would make life just a little bit less stressful for my family during my bereavement. I looked for and could not find any service that would do what I wanted, and this led to MyPaperVault.

I want to ensure that your executors, family and friends know where your documents are stored. I am dedicated to making a service that is great, cost effective, and most importantly, is simple to use. 

With dedicated facilities, I and my team can store your documents securely, make them accessible to you or your executors, and also return them via registered post when your executors present a death certificate to us, or you close your account with us.

I hope that not only will you affirm the service to me and my team, but that you will recommend our service by telling everyone how wonderful our service has been.



Peace of mind is a commodity that is in short supply in today's pressurized society. By using My Paper Vault you will rest assured, knowing that you and your family will always know where your will and related documents are stored. Our automated system will email your executors every 6 months, reminding them that we have your documents. To redeem the documents, either you can close the account, or your executors can contact us, provide a copy of your death certificate and their ID, and we will forward all your documents to them by registered post.


We are the only will storage company that allows you to store multiple versions of your documents over time, allowing you to track the differences as your life evolves. You can store up to 99 versions of your documents, so every time you amend or create a will, you simply add it to your storage, at no additional cost.


Our systems are backed up in real time, which provides you with peace of mind, and we also have a bespoke security algorhythm to ensure your documents are encrypted and secure.

In the event of a disaster at our storage facility, our insurance will pay for the costs of printing your documents, sending them to you for your signature and returning them by registered post to us for continued storage.


You can contact us by calling 01252 759846 

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